robotchat is the 24/7 chat community for fans of the Sony AIBO and other entertainment robots.

with nearly 200 members and a warm, homely disposition, robotchat has served as a thriving outlet for robotics discussion for over a year!

what's aibo?

what's discord?

space for every subject

robotchat is made of 23 persistent channels targeted to a range of both robots and hobbies.


#introductions - start here! introduce yourself!


the cafe

 #general - off-topic discussion and friendly chat.

#general-2 - a secondary space for general conversation when discussion is ongoing in the original.

#media - for links and talk about the media: movies, TV, video games, and online video.



 #aibo - any and all discussion about the iconic entertainment robot.

#aibotech - targeted, technical discussion about AIBO and it's associated concepts.

#questions - no question is too simple! get quick responses to AIBO-related musings.

#repair - about AIBO repairs and fixes.

#resources - downloads, guides, and instructions for various AIBO products and problems.

#wiki - development of the AIBO wiki at


other robots

 #pleo - for innvo labs' dinosaur companion

#furby - the 90's sensation

#i-cybie - the affordable robot dog

#other - anything and everything without a designated category!



 #art - share your drawings, writing, videos, and music.

#technology- Discuss the latest in technology: past, present, and future.

#competition - utilized mainly during the competition seasons of educational robotics like FIRST and VEX.

#robotchatworld - minecraft server. yeeaaah, we have that too.


We also feature a variety of sales channels so you can both purchase and list your goods!

robotchat worldwide

robotchat is an international community, with both meetups and online events available to people on every inch of the globe.


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